Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Sale!

So, I've shown pics of some of my new Valentine cards.  There are also some on Facebook  .  Now it's time to get serious!

I am offering a coupon in my shop for 15% off each purchase.  Just enter the coupon code BEMINE13 at checkout.  This offer is for a limited time only!  I will honor the coupon through Saturday, 1/26/13, which is just enough time to place your Valentine card order.  Don't wait too long!  Some designs are selling out!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentines, Valentines, Everywhere

Well, it is now one month before Valentine's Day, and the preparations on Etsy are in full swing already!  There are treasuries galore being made in Valentine themes, and I'm already getting lots of hits on my Valentine items!  I have lots of stock, and am listing a little bit each day.  Sadly, I did not sell any Valentine cards at the pre-Valentine bazaar I was at on Saturday, so I'm putting it all out there on my shop!  I have a mix of colors and patterns, and like last year, did quite a few masculine designs.  Here are some examples of some of the new cards:

Yep, that's an exploding box in there, and a never-ending card as well!  I had some fun making those for the bazaar, where they got some oohs and ahhs, but no buyers.  So, let's see how the Etsy shoppers like them!

I also replenished my pressed flower bookmark stock, as it was getting low.  Here are a few of the new ones:

I just started adding these to my shop, so if they are not in there yet, they will be soon.

After a few months of doing shows/bazaars every few weeks, I have NONE scheduled now, so will be taking a bit of a break from crafting!  Oh, I won't stop completely- there will be birthdays and the like that I will do cards for.  But the next big "thing" is Mother's Day, and thankfully that's 4 months away!  I plan to create some new stock for that, so will get started early, but not before taking a well-deserved break after the busy holiday season!