Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back From Break With a New Product

Hello!  It's been awhile, but after the spring sales I did, I needed a bit of a hiatus to rest, regroup, and pay attention to other parts of my life!  The end of the kids' school year is always hectic, and then there is settling into the new summer routine.  I've done a few custom orders in the last couple of months, but haven't worked on any new products, mostly because I have so much left from what I made for the spring sales.  Right now, my online shop does not have much stock in it, however I have a TON of items that I haven't had a chance to photograph and list, and that is my goal for the summer before I work on anything new.

The new items I want to share today are things I made for the spring sales, and they are something have not done before- gift card holders!  I came up with the design myself, with a triangular pocket on the inside to hold a gift card.  I have only made a few so far, until I can see how they do in the shop.  Here are a couple of the designs:

I really like this pretty floral paper in fresh blue and white!

The cheetah print is sassy and fun!

I made the pockets larger than a standard gift card, because some gift cards come attached to an information card, so if you don't want to remove the card from it, it can fit in the oversized pocket.  I included a blank white space on the pocket for a personal message.  The cards are standard A2 size, although they open the long way rather than the short way like a regular greeting card, so they fit into an A2 envelope.

It will be a slow process getting everything photographed and listed in my shop, so this is only the beginning!  To add to the process, I have decided that I would like to add sentiments to most of my cards, instead of leaving them blank on the fronts.  I have always left them without sentiments and offered the addition of a custom sentiment, but I have rarely had a request for that, and I think it is harder to have the cards found in searches.  For example, if someone is searching for "birthday card" they may not see mine, since they do not have a birthday sentiment.  I'll still have some blank cards, but will start the process of adding sentiments to the back stock I currently have. I'll do some Happy Birthday, perhaps some "Thinking of You", "Congratulations", "Get Well", "With Sympathy".....what else?  Have an idea for a sentiment?  Leave a comment!