Sunday, August 8, 2010

Half is Better Than None

Here it is Sunday evening, and I only accomplished one of my two crafting goals for the weekend.  There always seems to be other stuff that gets in my way: people want to eat, the dog needs to be walked, arguments have to be refereed, or upmteen other reasons for someone to say "Moooommmmm" every 3.5 minutes.  Saturday I took my son out shopping for school clothes, so that took a good chunk of time.  Although it's not as bad as it could have been...this is the child who hates shopping and just wants to get it done as quickly as possible, so we were done in 3 hours or so.  Then there were other errands to run, dinner to cook, and what do you know, Saturday is gone!

Well, rather than beat myself up for what I didn't/couldn't do, I'm just going to be happy about what I did get done.  I did not get my photo bookmark listing up on my Etsy site, but I did have a very productive afternoon making bookmarks today, and I am really happy with my results.  I am going to say again how much I LOVELOVELOVE my new(ish) laminator!  It is so fast and does such a great job and is a huge time-saver compared to my old laminator!  One trip through the machine is all any bookmark needs, rather than the 7 or 8 it took my old one.  I busted out about a dozen bookmarks in all, so I am on my way to being stocked up for the holidays!  I haven't had time yet to photograph all of them, and some are duplicates anyway, but I have a few to share today.

First is a new design for the blue butterfly delphiniums, which I just love.  They remind me of irises, which are my favorite flowers.  You might recall the photo bookmark I did for my friend Kendra with the teal handmade paper and the blue butterfly delphiniums- well, I liked that color combination so much that I wanted to do more with it.  I love the results!

I really like the teal, lime and blue together- reminds me of my favorite dishes, which I have used for inspiration more than once!  I think the blue of the flowers really pops when bordered by the lime green and teal.  Love it!  This one, by the way, is already listed in my Etsy shop.

This is one I have done before, but very few people have ever seen, because I have yet to list it in my shop.  I played around with this design last winter when I first started experimenting with my bookmarks.  I just love these sparkly snowflakes!

And finally, I have a design similar to this next one in my shop already, at least with similar colors, but on this one, I used the purple handmade paper as the base instead of regular card stock.

I love the fuschias- they all look so unique and different from one another!

I will be getting these listed in the next couple of days, and will be working on taking photos of the others.  I made a couple of new versions of the purple and gold washi paper bookmark that I am excited to share.  The neat thing about that washi paper is that there are so many different colors on there to work with, so I used some different colored borders to highlight the various floral shades in the paper.

Don't forget to check out Sherry's giveaway over at her blog Scrapping With Sherry!  The deadline to enter is midnight on Monday, August 9th!

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  1. Those are very pretty. I do love the flowers but the snowflakes are pretty too.
    Great work and lucky Sherry for winning the gold butterflies.