Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Card, Fall Bookmarks, and More to Come!

First and foremost...drumroll...I have my computer back!  Hooray!!

I mentioned in my last post that I had another card to share and that I wanted it to get to its recipient before I posted it.  Well, surprisingly, that card only took 48 hours to get from Oregon to Arizona!  I made this card for my BFF Kendra, whose birthday is this week.  Happy Birthday, Kendra!

Let me tell you a bit about this card.  First of all, the layout came from a sketch that I got from the MojoMonday blog.  This is such a neat blog!  And ironically, it was Kendra who gave me the link to it a week or two ago when I was lamenting the lack of inspiration for my brother's baby card.  There are so many great ideas there, I know I will be making use of a lot of them in the future!  The floral paper in the background is some Japanese washi paper that I fell in love with awhile back and bought without having any idea what I'd do with it.  So when I needed some inspiration for Kendra's card and I came across it, I knew it was perfect for the occasion.  I like how it came out.  The only thing I'd do differently if I could is the "Happy Birthday" message.  With my computer out of commission, printing something was not an option, so I had to hand-write it myself.  This was lots of fun to make, and it's so much easier when I have a sketch to follow!

Now, on to the fall bookmarks.  I have a couple of new ones to share:

And now that I have a functional computer at home, I was FINALLY able to get some listed in my Etsy shop!  Woohoo- it finally looks like fall in there!

I am also working on some new products that I am excited about.  I have wanted for a long time to expand to include items other than bookmarks in my shop.  I am still working on some decoupaged frames and such- and of course, those darned coasters that I still haven't done anything with.  I think I might try some leaves on those though, now that I am seeing how nicely the bookmarks are turning out.  So that's on the horizon.  In the short term, though, I have a new line that fits in pretty well with the bookmarks already in my shop.  Here's a sneak peek:

Aren't these cool little fridge magnets?  I got this idea when I was browsing through Michael's and saw these strips of self-sticking magnets that are like rolls of tape that you can cut to the length that you want.  I have made a few sets of these, and really like how they came out, so will be working on getting these photographed and listed in the shop as well.  The photos I took this evening didn't turn out very well because there wasn't enough daylight, and the lights in my kitchen are not a good substitute.  I'll share my other designs once I've gotten better photos.

So that's all for now- not bad for an average Monday, at least for me!


  1. Love the cards! The bookmarks too, but happen to be a little partial to the cards at the moment since it was not to long ago you didnt make cards... How are you? Hopefully real well. I was sure glad to see you at my blog. I will try to keep in touch more. Was surprised when I was going through your blog how long it had been since I had been here. Still battling health but am much better. Take care and I hope to see and hear from you again soon.


  2. Thanks Sherry! So glad to see you, and I'm glad you are feeling better. I love your blog and check it regularly, so am glad to see you posting regularly again! Thanks for the compliments on my cards- I doubt I will ever be as polished a card-maker as you are, and don't know if I will ever feel like my stuff is good enough to list in my shop, but I really enjoy doing it. Take care!