Monday, July 30, 2012

New Birthday Card and Bookmark

Still haven't had much time to work on new stuff for my shop, but I did make a card and bookmark for a friend of my daughter who is having a birthday soon.  She is going to have to miss her friend's party, since it is during the week we will be on vacation, but we wanted to get a gift anyway.  We got a gift card to a shop she likes, and I made a card to put it in.  This friend of my daughter is a friend from dance, and throughout the last year, there have been several birthdays among the group, and I have not repeated a card design yet, so had to do something different this time too!  The design on this card is one that I ripped off from the one my BFF Kendra made and sent me for my birthday this year!  I really liked it because it is different and unique.  It was not too difficult to do, but it is impressive in presentation.

So, it is a tri-fold card, with the flaps folded into triangles.  Then an embellished panel is adhered to each triangle, and they overlap when the card is folded up, with a ribbon closure on the outside.  We put the gift card on the inside with some temporary adhesive.  Folded up, the card is 4x4 inches.  Cute!  I used some paper that I have used before on cards for my daughters friends- it is very cute for tweens, I think!

Here's the bookmark, which I made to coordinate with the card:

I used coordinating light turquoise and purple flowers and papers to go with the peace sign and hearts paper.  Though I don't have a picture of it, I have bundled the card and bookmark up into a clear cellophane bag- the same type that I package up my cards in that I sell in my Etsy shop.  It looks cute!  We'll secretly give the gift to Alexa's mom this week at dance class, so that she can make sure that Alexa has it during her party, even though we won't be there.

Hopefully once we are back from vacation, I can get to work on some new stuff for my shop!  I also want to try out some new photo ideas for my items...I have to admit that photography is my least favorite thing about running my shop!  The Salem Etsy Team had a great meeting last week that I was able to attend, and I got some very good feedback about some ideas for staging and photo techniques that I want to try soon.  See you in a couple of weeks!

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