Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Need of Market Research, So….Another Giveaway!

Here it is mid-July, and I’m already thinking about the holidays! More specifically, I’m thinking about the need to bulk up my Etsy shop bookmark inventory for the holidays. Since I don’t have a lot of time for crafting, I have to plan ahead and work in small batches. That means that NOW is a good time to start thinking about doing some prep work and build up my stock for all those purchases that will come rolling in around the holidays. Aren’t I optimistic??!!

Here is what I would like to do. I would like to conduct a poll of the top 10 bookmark designs that are currently in my Etsy shop: so that I can narrow my focus and concentrate on the designs that are most likely to be of interest come the holidays. Though I will continue to create new designs, I’d like to get a handle on what I currently have in my shop that works so I can stock up my inventory of those. Hence, the poll. I want to know what your top 10 favorite bookmark designs are in my Etsy shop. Please add a comment to this blog post with the names of your top 10, and I will enter you into a drawing for a free bookmark of your choice of any design currently in my shop. I will even personalize it with your initials if you like! Doesn’t that make you want to help??

Deadline to enter is Friday, July 30, 2010.

I would like to get as many opinions as possible, so please feel free to pass this on to your friends or otherwise give me some free advertising! If you are not a follower of my blog, please make sure that I have a way to get ahold of you if you win the giveaway- either include your email address in your comment, or you can email me privately at if you don’t want your info public.  (I would love more blog followers though!) Winner will be notified by Saturday the 31st, and I’ll also post the results here on my blog.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your feedback!


  1. Hi there...Here is my feedback... 1 is my favorite and down the line....1.3 Flower Personalized
    2. 2 Flower Personalized 3. Sugarplum Pansy
    4. Magenta Orange Green Washi Paper
    5. Teal Garden Pink
    6. Deep Purple Larkspur
    7. Sunny Blackeyed Susan
    8. Funky Flag
    9. Royal Red Rose
    10. Blue Argyle--Please enter me in your drawing...Friend from PBS Swappers...Kim

  2. My favorites are the following

    Pink and Black Floral
    Elegant Gold Butterfly
    Floral Washi
    Magenta, Orange and Green Floral Washi
    Glittery Butterfly
    Blue Argyle
    Fushia and Deep Purple
    Red Rose and Pink Larkspur
    Blue and Green Daisy
    Springtime Azalea

    That is in order of what I like best to the 10th. Hope your marketing research is a hit! Thanks for the giveaway~ Sherry w/Scrapping With Sherry

  3. Gina S. ( 19, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    My fav's would be:
    Pink and Black Flora
    Floral Washi Paper
    Iridescent Dragonfly
    Magenta, Orange and Green Washi
    Fuschia & Deep Purple
    Elegant Gold Butterfly
    Teal Garden Pink
    Pressed Green Leaf
    Sugarplym Pansy
    Springtime Azalea

    These are beautiful!
    Your fellow PBS_Swapper
    Gina S.

  4. I like:
    Personalized (KIC)
    Springtime Azlea
    Pretty in Pink
    Floral Washi
    Fushia & Deep Purple
    Elegant Gold Butterfly
    Pink and Orange dyed daisy

    Love your personalized ones with picture

  5. It's hard to put them in order, but this is what I decided on:
    Crazy Daisy 1
    Pretty in Pink
    Floral Washi Paper - Purple & Gold
    Blue & Green Daisy
    Red Rose & Pink Larkspur (love the border!)
    Crazy Daisy 2
    Sweetheart Red Rose
    Green/Brown Camo
    Sunny Black-Eyed Susan
    Under the Sea Fish

    Hope your survey helps!