Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something New to Get Out of My Slump

I finally found a little time to do some tweaking on my blog template- whaddya think?

Still haven't gotten back to making any new bookmarks, but I did finally get one of my personalized ones listed in my shop! I got the three-flower pressed flower bookmark up, so still need to get the listings done for the 2-flower one, and the one with the handmade paper. I'll work on that this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I did something kind of fun last weekend. The Yahoo paper crafts group I joined recently has a weekly challenge, and the challenge for this week was to make something with a ribbon. It could be anything, it just had to include a ribbon. Now, bookmarks are a total no-brainer there...but I wanted to try something different. I decided to make a card, which I have never done before, but after looking at all the lovely ones that my BFF Kendra makes, as well as some of the ladies on the Yahoo paper craft group, I thought I'd give it a try. I got out my tub of paper punches (just when did I acquire so MANY?) and let my imagination go! I had trouble thinking of a theme or color scheme, so I started looking around my kitchen, and settled on my favorite dishes as the inspiration.

I got these dishes last year when we did our kitchen remodel, and I *LOVE* them! I was so excited when I got them...I hadn't had new dishes since hubby and I got married in 1994! They are the Pfaltzgraff Verona pattern, which luckily for me had just been discontinued when I was shopping around, so I was able to get them online very inexpensively. Anyway, here is what I made:

I love these colors! Teal is one of my very favorites, and it is so pretty when combined with blue and the lime green shades. In hindsight, I do think this card is a bit busy- I guess I got carried away with those paper punches! Next time I would probably try to tone it down a bit there, maybe use more patterned paper and fewer punches. But I'm pretty happy with this for my first attempt. I doubt my cards will ever be as nice as the ones that Kendra makes, but I enjoyed doing something different and look forward to trying again.

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  1. It's so cheerful! I was once playing around with one of those decorating websites where you can change the colors of the walls, furniture, accents, etc., and discovered the blue/white/lime green combination. So pretty!