Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meredith's Note Cards

Well, I'm a few days late for my weekly update, but better late than never!  It's been busy as ever, and I haven't been crafting, so don't really have anything new to show off this week.  However, I realized that I forgot to post the note cards that I made for my daughter, Meredith, so wanted to do that real quick.  I think I mentioned this awhile back- I found this cool "M" stamp in the dollar bin at Michael's, and thought it would be cute to put on a little note card for Meredith.  The need for something to write thank you cards for Christmas gifts prompted me to go ahead with that project, and I like how it turned out.
I made four cards for her- two of them had a dark pink ribbon instead of the green, but I ran out of that color and did green on the other two.  If I'd had more of the pink ribbon, I would have done bows- I think it needs a little something else.  In any case, Meredith really liked these.  Her favorite color is blue, and I really liked the mix of colors in this paper.  I used one of the Spellbinder Nestabilities label dies for the piece that I stamped with the M, as well as the pink frame.  Love those Nestabilities!  I wish I could find more of them locally, but Craft Warehouse is the only store that carries them here, and they have a limited selection.  The inside is blank, and Meredith did indeed write her thank you cards in these.  I ended up making these in the standard A2 size, rather than note card size, because the M stamp was bigger than I remembered, and would have been too overwhelming on a smaller card.  It worked out well, because I already have some A2 envelopes, and had been having trouble finding notecard sized envelopes without the cards.

I sent in my cards for the Thank You card swap, and am now awaiting my swap package- I'm excited to see what everyone else did!  That is my favorite part about the swaps, even more than creating my own, is seeing the ideas and interpretations that other people come up with.  It really helps me to expand my own ideas and creativity.  I have also joined another swap- this one is for Valentine or love-themed tags.  I have never done tags before, so I'm kind of scared...but thankfully, most of the other gals in the swap are also new to tags, so we're all in the same boat!  I have some ideas for mine and have purchased a couple of supplies, but need a few other things, so a trip to Craft Warehouse is in my near future so that I can get started.  We have a long time to get this one done- end of February, but I don't want to put it off and then lose track of time like I did with the thank you cards!

Til next time- happy crafting, everyone!


  1. Hi, Was just cruising the member's blog list at PBS_Swappers. I'm trying to visit everyone and see if I can learn anything. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I beg to differ with that. Always willing to learn something new. Love the note cards and your blog!

  2. Thanks for visiting Ruby! I learn a lot by checking out stuff that other crafters do- it really expands your horizons to do so. That's why the swaps are so much fun too- seeing all the different ideas out there!

  3. I love these notecards!!! Great job! :)