Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Card and a Few Bookmarks

I'm still not finding a lot of time for crafting, but managed to do a couple of things this week.  First is a baby card.  This is for a friend of my husband whose wife is expecting their first baby- a boy!  She's due in the next month or so, and there's a baby shower coming up.  I bought a gift, and figured I'd make a card.  Now, this card might look a bit familiar.  It's very similar in style to the one I made for my brother a few months ago.  I did not set out to make this one close to the same, but when I shopped for paper for this card, there were surprisingly few options for baby boy paper at Michael's.  They recently reorganized their paper section, and unfortunately seem to be carrying less than they did before. :(  So that cute paper with the little storks that I used for my brother's card?  I ended up getting that same paper in blue instead of pink.  I did not want to do pastels, so I found a nice dark, almost denim blue to use as an accent, and a nice bright green as well.

The "Baby Boy" on the front, as well as the message on the inside, was printed from the computer.  I like how this turned out, especially because I was able to find an adorable gift bag in these same colors for the gift!

Next up is a few bookmarks.  I ended up having to stay home with my daughter one day this week when she was sick, so I took advantage of the block of time and tried out some new designs.  My Etsy store stock is getting a bit depleted, so I need to restock with some fresh styles, especially now that Mother's Day is only a month away!  I'll be listing these, as well as a few others that I'm not posting here, to my shop soon, so stop by and check them out!  Here's a sample though.
I got these rose buds awhile back, but hadn't had a chance to do anything with them.  They're cute, aren't they?  I used a deep red outer border with an antique gold middle layer, which I think compliments the red, as well as brings out the leaf and stem colors.

I love this one!  This is a new-to-me flower, a carnation.  I got a small package of these to try out, and now I know I need to get some more!  Such a nice bright purple color!  This striped paper is neat too, with various shades and hues of greens and purples.

This one is made with a paper that I've had for awhile and have always liked.  I love the combination of the brown and aqua shades.  The outer border on this one is a deep shimmery brown, with a gold middle layer.  Love these colors together!

That's all for now!  Next time, I'll post a picture of the bookmark I made for the spring bookmark swap at the PBS Swappers group.  I've also joined a card swap for this month, but am awaiting swap details from our lovely hostess Christy.  All I know at this point is that it should be a card with either a pop-up, slide, or iris-fold technique.  I've never done any of those, so it's a fun opportunity to try something new!

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  1. Dibs on the aqua and brown one! Those are the colors my mom keeps returning to as she decorates, we have been joking about it. I clearly need to get this one for her Mother's Day bookmark, even if she reads almost all on her Kindle now.