Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Valentine's Stuff

I'm having fun cranking out a few Valentine items!  I'm loving these neverending cards- they are so much fun to make!  I just listed two more in my shop.  Check these out:

This one is kind of different- not exactly traditional Valentine colors, but I like it a lot!

This next one was the first Valentine neverending card I made.  I debated about whether to list it or not, and finally decided to this evening:

I need to retake these pics when the lighting is better- I know they are a bit washed out, but hopefully you get the idea!

Finally, I did two Valentine bookmark and card gift packs with gift envelopes for the bookmarks:

I stuck to traditional Valentine colors for these, and the bookmark designs are ones I have done before.  I like them for Valentine's day though- they are appropriate for the occasion without being exclusive to it, know what I mean?  I mean, you can use these bookmarks all year around.

Anyway, just wanted to do that quick share!  I might try to do a few more Valentine items this weekend, but soon I am going to start focusing on Easter and Mother's Day.  They're just around the corner!

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