Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Valentine Cards

I dashed off a few Valentine cards yesterday, in the hopes that I can take advantage of the fact that Valentine's Day is only a few weeks off now.  I noticed that there weren't a lot of cards in masculine colors on Etsy when I went browsing, so I tried to make a few designs that were more masculine in tone.  I cranked out several cards yeserday, which was made easier by the fact that they are all basically the same design, just with different colors and patterns.  Here are a few:

I also did a few fun, funky ones that used some paper I've had for awhile but hadn't used yet.  These would be cute for tween girls, or anyone with a fun personality!

I deliberately left these blank inside with no sentiment.  That way, if these do not sell for Valentine's Day, I can keep them in my shop and market them as love cards.

I also got the stuff for Meredith and I to make lollipop flowers for her to hand out at her class Valentine's Day party.  You might remember these from last year- this time, I am doing the flowers with tissue paper instead of card stock.  I bought the Sizzix Tattered Flower die set, and am looking forward to using it!  Kendra has had it for awhile and it is one of her favorite dies.  We have lots of lollipop flowers to make, so it is going to take awhile, which is why we're getting started early.

My daughter has a couple of friends' birthday parties coming up, and I'm thinking I will do neverending cards for both of them.  I was going to try to work on one today, but ended up cooking for most of the day, so that will have to wait til next time!

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