Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Lollipop Flowers

Hello!  Meredith and I have finally, FINALLY finished the lollipop flowers, and not a moment too soon- Valentine's Day is in 2 days!  They were a lot of work, but Meredith is happy with them, and that is what counts.

I know my pictures are a little wonky, but I've been experimenting with using a daylight bulb, and don't quite have it all figured out yet!  I think it might be the answer to some of my lighting problems, but I have some work yet to do to get it all worked out.  Anyway, aren't they cute??  The tissue paper is delicate, so it doesn't take much for them to start looking a bit bedraggled, but they spruce up easily.  All I can say is that I am glad this project is done!

In other news, something very, very exciting happened last week...but I can't talk about it just yet.  I will just tell you that I got the biggest custom order I have ever gotten, and it is going to be one of the most challenging as well, but I am so looking forward to doing it!  I have about a month to do the project, so I will reveal more about it when it is all done.  It is going to keep me very busy for the next few weeks, so I may not have anything to share here until it's done, but it will be well worth it!  Already the work I have done on the project has made me expand my ideas beyond what I am used to doing, and it has given me so many new ideas.  It is always great to work on a project that makes you reassess your regular routine methods!  I have some new ways of looking at things now, and that is going to bring some fresh perspective to my work and my future products.  So, I will share more when I can!

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