Friday, March 15, 2013

Work in Progress- A New Exploding Box

Just wanted to do a quick sneak peek of my new exploding box- this one is daisy themed!

I have to note that the daisies in the little pot in the center are all handmade by me- yes, it is a lot of work, and I could probably buy some already made to use...but that would not be in line with the handmade mission.  I just can't bring myself to "cheat" that way!  I had fun with this one- check out the floating butterfly in the background!  I like how that part of it turned out in comparison to the last exploding box.  I haven't done the lid yet- need to get more paper to finish up, but I will do that this weekend.  Can't wait to get this one listed in my shop!

Other news- I have signed on to do a Jane Austen Faire on May 4th, so that should be fun!  I will need to have lots of floral-themed items for that, so I will be working on some new pressed flower bookmarks and more cards.  Also, our local Salem Etsy Team has scheduled our Spring sale for the following Saturday, May 11, so that is 2 sales in a week- I better get going on my inventory!  We have a new location for our sale so I hope it works out well- it's a beautiful space, we just have to get people in there to appreciate it!

More later when I finish this box, and have some new bookmarks to share!

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