Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Craft Sales Ahead, and a New Graduation Box

Well, you know I have been preparing for my spring craft sales.  The first one is tomorrow, 5/4/13, and I am READY!  Ok, I am going to cop to being totally stressed out and underprepared for all of the sales I've done before now.  But this time?  I have it COVERED!  Maybe because I started really early, maybe because I was really productive, but at some point I finally felt like yes, I have enough inventory, and stopped feeling the pressure.  What a great feeling!  This week has been good- I've had a few tasks to do, printing out pricing signs and coupons and whatnot, packaging up my contribution to the raffle basket, but really, it hasn't been a big deal. I've had my craft fair bins packed from the last few winter sales, so my display stuff is OK, and since I have a few of these sales under my belt now, I know what to expect and what is required/necessary, so I've been taking care of a few little things here and there, and what do you know, I'm ready!

I have to admit that I am just a *bit* intimidated by the theme of this sale.  I really do like Jane Austen.  I have read Pride and Prejudice several times, tried to read some others (but didn't finish), and I love the movies. Particularly the BBC version (6 HOURS and totally worth it) of P&P starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy...ohhh, yeah, what a hero in a love story!  I also really like the P&P version starring Kiera Knightly.  If I could have a P&P with Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth, and Colin Firth (20 years ago) as Mr. Darcy, that would be the perfect P&P for me.  Clearly that is not going to happen though...except in my (warped?) mind.  Anyway.  I do love Austen.  Admittedly, the movie versions, more so that the books.  Like I said, I tried to read some of the others, but the only one I really got through was P&P.  BUT- I Looovveed the movie version of Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sense and Sensibilities with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.  Those are on my "watch repeatedly" list.

So, this sale tomorrow, it's centered around the Austen theme, Austen's novels and the Regency theme.  Um....I am not totally sure how I fit in there.   I have some pressed flower bookmarks, some floral cards, hopefully that will be sufficient.  I did my own thing, made my bookmarks and my cards and some gift cards and other stuff, and hopefully that will be OK.  I am a little concerned about the actual Regency-related vendors I will be with tomorrow, and just hope I will not be totally out of place.  I am pretty happy with what I have to offer...but will it be Jane Austen appropriate?  I don't know- I can only hope!

Also.  I have mentioned wanting to do a 4-sided graduation box before, since the 8-sided ones are so cumbersome to make.  Welll...I finally have one! Woohoo!

These are MUCH easier to produce than the 8-sided octagonal graduation boxes, and are still very dramatic, so hopefully people will like them. I have a custom listing in my Etsy shop as of today for these.

 Next Saturday, May 11, is our Salem Etsy Team Sale, and hopefully that will be as successful as this Austen Faire.  And hopefully I will have enough inventory for that one after the Austen Faire!

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