Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Exploding Box Cards

Since I've been back from vacation, I've started working on a few items for my booth at Top Drawer.  I was pleasantly surprised to sell enough in June to cover my booth fee- hooray!  This month, I have not sold as much, probably because I need to get some new items in there.  Here is a start!  I made both of these exploding box cards this weekend, and will be taking them down to the shop tomorrow.

This one features a Japanese washi paper in a gorgeous daisy pattern, with vibrant orange, pink, green, light blue, and yellow.  The large inner panels are embossed with a daisy embossing folder.
The center contains a little pot of pink handmade paper daisies.  I thought about painting the pot, but decided that the natural terra cotta color was a perfect match already!

The next box is a general Happy Birthday box:

I used a cute paper in primary colors that has a little streamer pattern all over it, and paired it with a coordinating polka dot paper.  This is different than my other box cards, because instead of a 3rd box layer in the center, I made a vertical piece to hold a gift card!
Also, one of the inner-most panels was left blank for a personal message to be written.

I'm anxious to see how my exploding box cards do at the shop!  At craft shows, I usually get a mix of reactions...,most people think they are really cool, but some people turn their nose up at the price.  Yes, it is a lot for a greeting card, and there is only a select market of people who will be willing to pay that kind of price for something like this.  I'm hoping that those are the people who are likely to be shopping at the boutique.  I am making little card tags for these that tell a little bit about the box cards, and also with a note that custom designs are available.  Then I'll put some custom order forms at the shop in case someone is interested.  We'll see how it goes!

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