Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wedding Cards and Painted Jars

Still beefing up my inventory at Top Drawer Upscale Resale and Boutique- I'm trying to get more types of cards in there for different occasions.  Last week I did some thank you cards, and this week I focused on wedding cards.  I took a couple in last week- these are a new embossed design:
It's a pretty simple design, monochromatic in either white or off-white, with the edges inked with either gold (on the off-white) or silver (on the white).  I saw this idea of inking the edges on Pinterest, and came up with my own design using that concept.  I used a script font on both the sentiment box on the front, and the message in the card:
So those were last week's wedding cards.  Here are this week's:

Unfortunately, the light was not great when I took these pics late yesterday afternoon, so the coloring is a bit off, even after correction. The first one is white with salmon, embossed with a poppy design.  I did my best to create a 3D poppy, and I am happy with how it turned out!  I used the Tattered Flowers die from Tim Holz (Sizzix) for the larger flower and the outer inside layer, then a sun punch for the inside, and put some tiny gold pearls on the inside.  I used an embossing tool to create the striations on the outer layer.  The other two include a light blue daisy, and a mauve rose (which I made with the Spellbinder 3D rose die.) The sentiment box is elevated on all of these with foam adhesive.  I printed the sentiment on the computer.  I have been working on using a mix of fonts on my sentiments to make it more interesting, and I like it!

Next up is some more painted mason jars.  These are pretty popular right now, in fact mine are not the only ones that are being sold at Top Drawer right now.  Pinterest is full of them, and finding a new angle on them is not easy.  However, I saw something on a blog last night and had to try it myself: denim-wrapped mason jars:

I used a pair of old jeans and cut strips to wrap around the painted jars. I used the crackle painting technique with Elmer's glue, for a distressed look. On the first, I painted it a dark yellow and accented it with a white ribbon and white paper daisy with a yellow button center.  I love the combination of the yellow with the denim!  The second one is lavender, and I made two rosettes with strips of denim.  They were my first attempt, and they turned out ok, but I think I can use more practice!  I worked on some more this morning, and they turned out much better.

Finally, here is a third jar that I did with burlap, along with a burlap rosette:
Burlap is a lot harder to work with because of the loose weave, and the fact that the edges fray very easily.  It is easier to use thin strips of material to roll the rosettes, however with the burlap that is hard to do because the edges fray from both sides, leaving you with more frayed edges than material in the center.  I will keep working on my technique and try some more.  I did try one using jute ribbon, which has finished edges, so I thought might be easier, but it wasn't because it is also much more stiff and less flexible than burlap.

I took everything down to Top Drawer today, and also brought some new signs to put on my card rack for the different card sections.  It's a work in progress- I'll keep working on it, but it's a start!

Check out the new crackle painted frames above- the photo quality is not great since it is from my iPhone, but I love how these look when they are done!  The one on the left has a base coat of a dark salmon color, with a top coat of light pink.  The one on the right is aqua with white over it.

The big Grand Opening celebration at Top Drawer is this Wednesday, so I guess I am as prepared as I can be at this point!  I will continue making cards and trying to increase my inventory.  I got some new papers yesterday, several which are baby themed, so that I can make some baby cards.  Those will be fun!

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