Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catching Up and Getting Ready for Spring!

Well, I sure fell off the blog bandwagon for awhile there!  Life sure is busy these days, and the holiday season was INSANE!  The Salem Etsy Team had our holiday sale in December at a new, larger venue, and it was EPIC!  We had over 80 vendors, and more than 2,000 shoppers came through!  Now we are gearing up for our spring sale in April, so I am already crafting away and getting ready for that.  Being one of the organizers of such a large event takes up a lot of my time, so in order to have time to make items to sell at the sale myself, I have to get started pretty early.

I've launched some new products in the last few months, including these:

These are cute little pillow boxes that I made with my Silhouette Cameo in two sizes- the large are about 3x5, the small are about 2x3.  I'm selling gift wrap kits in my card rack at Top Drawer, which include one pillow box, a coordinating gift tag, a piece of white tissue paper, and a white ribbon.  Aren't they cute??  I made a bunch for the SET holiday sale too, using holiday-themed papers.  Can't wait to sell springy, flowery ones at our Spring sale!

I'm also experimenting with some smaller sized exploding boxes than the standard 4x4x4, since I've found that at the in-person sales, people are reluctant to pay what I charge for the larger ones.  Here's my first attempt:

These are 3x3x3 and have two layers instead of three.  I'm planning to make a few for the spring sale, and maybe even a couple for my Etsy shop as well.

I have lots of plans for other products, but of course there's the issue of time, which I am pretty short on these days!  I'll do what I can though, and will try to remember to share what I come up with here!

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