Sunday, October 23, 2011

MojoMonday Sketch #211 and Custom Bookmarks

Happy Sunday!  Last week was a super busy week, so I did not get to last Monday's MojoMonday sketch until today.  Hopefully there is still time to post my entry!  I'm not all that thrilled with it, but I challenged myself to do these sketches each week, so since I went to the trouble of making a card, I might as well put it up, if I still can.  Here is the sketch:
My card:

I had trouble with this one.  I attempted another card with different paper, and it just wasn't happening, and I kept seeing a snowflake there for the circle in the bottom right corner.  So this is what came of it.  The lighting was not great when I took this pic, but the card base, as well as the outer border of the sentiment box, are dark purple.  There are definitely things I would do differently on this one if I had it to do over, but at least I have something to submit.

My other project this weekend was something for my son.  Marching band season is coming to a close, and this coming week they will be wrapping things up and as part of that, will be having some celebrations of the end of the season.  My son is coordinating gift packages for his section leaders, which entails collecting some donated gifts from each of the saxophone players, for the two section leaders.  Initially, I thought to donate a couple of floral bookmarks, but since we had some time, I asked him if he'd like custom bookmarks for them.  Long, long ago, I made my son this bookmark:
so I thought to do something similar for the two section leaders.  He wanted the school logo on the bookmark, so that somewhat dictated the color scheme.  I couldn't figure out a good way to put both the logo and a saxophone on one side, so I decided that double-sided bookmarks were in order.  Here they are:
Josh was really pleased with these, and I hope the section leaders will like them!

I know I still need to take pics of my mini-cards and post them, and will try to do that next time.  Also, I have a new CardPatterns sketch, so I will be working on that this week.  It is interesting- it looks a whole lot like one of the gift envelopes I've been doing, so I might try to do something with that.

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