Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custom Project

Hello!  I had the pleasure of having a custom project this week, and wanted to share it.  I was contacted by a very nice lady who wanted a personalized bookmark and gift envelope to give to a dear friend who is retiring from her job with a university library.  What better gift for a library employee than a bookmark?!  She asked for pink and purple larkspur, but apart from that, gave me free reign with the design.

I decided that instead of doing the traditional three-flower bookmark, I would go with the collage-style on this one.  I think it's time to update some of my listings, this being one of them, so I was glad to be able to have this project to use as a showcase for the new-and-improved personalized bookmarks!

I used a cute little dark purple verbena there in the left corner of the bookmark, and a couple of cornflowers, in addition to the larkspur flowers.  I like the contrast of the deep purple with the vibrant dark pink here!  Notice that on the seal for the envelope, I used a pressed flower like I did with a previous custom order a couple of months ago.  I really like this!  It really ties in the pressed flower bookmark to the gift envelope.

Also, I mentioned this in my last post, but I am excited to be a part of the upcoming Salem Etsy Team Spring sale on May 5th!

I have never done a public craft sale like this before- my one and only experience was at a private sale in someone's home.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity to get my feet wet with craft sales!  The venue is smaller and more intimate than the larger-scale craft fairs, which is great for a newbie like me!  I have been crafting like crazy to bulk up my inventory, and I promise I will share some previews of those items soon!  I have been too busy making cards and bookmarks to take pictures of them, but will try to do some of that in the next few days.  I will be away this weekend, but am hoping to take a couple of days off work next week to finish getting ready for the sale.  SO much to do and so little time...and I want to make sure I am well prepared!  Know what the hardest thing has been so far?  This is so silly...but finding a decent tablecloth for my table!  I have not been able to find one in the color I want, and I am starting to get frustrated!  I've checked the usual discount stores, but may have to bite the bullet and head to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see what they have.

Check back in a few days for some pictures of my newest cards and bookmarks, and a twist on the cards I plan to sell at the sale!

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