Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Birthday Stuff, and An Upcoming Event

My daughter had another birthday party to go to this weekend- another friend from her dance classes.  Apparently, we now have a reputation with these girls to uphold- we are the "cool card givers"!  Since I have not repeated a card type for this group of girls, the pressure is on to come up with something new for each girl's birthday.  At first it was easy- I did the exploding box card for the first one back in December, then followed up with a never-ending card in February (which apparently I did not get a picture of), a slide card in March, and then last weekend, a different type of slide card.  I was a bit at a loss what to do for this one, until I remembered a card that my BFF Kendra did a couple of years ago and sent to me.  I emailed her and described it, and she informed me that it was called a waterfall card and that I could find a video tutorial on YouTube on how to do it.  I did find the video, as well as this tutorial, and it turns out that it is really quite easy to make!

When you pull the tab down, each of the decorated panels flips and cascades one by one, which is probably why it's called a waterfall card.  It's very cute, and pretty easy to do, once you get the hang of it!  Meredith decorated the inside with a paper flower as well.
I also made a bookmark for the birthday girl, which I posted about previously.  Since we had two birthdays a week apart, I made both bookmarks at the same time.  Both girls seemed to like them.

Now for an exciting announcement!  I am going to be taking part in the Salem Etsy Team's Spring Craft Show next month- my first real craft show!  There will be a variety of craft and vintage vendors there, and I am really looking forward to meeting to some of the other Salem Etsy sellers!  Now, I just need to have stuff to sell at this show- so I have some crafting to do!  I've been working on cards this weekend, and will post a preview of some of these later in the week.  Also on my agenda is to make some more collage-style bookmarks, and perhaps some gift envelopes to go along with them.  I am focusing on Mothers Day products, but also plan to make a few Father's Day and graduation items as well.  Time is short, however- the sale is May 5th, which is less than 3 weeks away.  Time to get busy!  Be sure to check back and see what I'm making, because I will have lots to share in the next couple of weeks!

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