Saturday, June 9, 2012

And..Another Graduation Exploding Box!

June is a VERY busy month here- last month of school and all, and I can barely keep up!  Therefore, I have not been doing much crafting lately.  It is all I can do to get a full night's sleep these days!

I did recently get a call from a very nice lady named Mary Beth.  She is a neighbor of Janet, the very nice lady who ordered a graduation exploding box at the Salem Etsy Team Spring Sale last month.  She evidently saw the box card I made for Janet, and contacted me about making one for her niece, who is graduating from high school this month.  I was happy to have another exploding box project to work on!
The recipient of this box card is a swimmer, so I had the task of finding a way to symbolize that in the box card.  I found several swimmer symbols, but settled on one that seemed to coordinate best with the colors and design of the box.
I paired the swimmer symbol with the school seal, and I think it works well.

I used the school logo, as well as the seal, incorporated with other graduation imagery to make this exploding box card.  It is a great example of an exploding box card, with a variety of colors and images.  I love how it turned out, and I hope that Mary Beth does too (as well as her niece!)

Since I have not had any time to craft lately, I am trying to catch up this weekend, and I really have a full plate.  I have a sympathy card to make for a coworker, as well as a Father's Day card for my dad, and that's the minimum....if I have time, I have several graduates for whom I'd like to make a card, not to mention my son's birthday at the end of the month.  Can't believe he will be 16!!!  In addition to all of that, I know I need to make some additional stock for my Etsy shop.  One thing at a time- I can only do what I can do!  Hopefully next time I will have some cards to share.

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  1. your exploding box is so great. i have always wanted to make one, but have never found the time or patience for it! happy birthday to your son soon!
    -Rachel w k