Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Sympathy Card

Hello- it's still rather busy these days, so I have not done much in the way of crafting.  I am currently working on a custom bookmark and gift envelope though, so will post pics of that soon.  I also just made another sympathy card.  This one is for the family of my hubby's best friend, whose brother passed away recently in a tragic accident.  The service is tomorrow, so I wanted to send a card with him.

I actually came quite close to making the same card as the previous sympathy card I did for my coworker.  But I looked through my paper stash and found this one, and decided to use it instead.  The card base is black, and the next layer is a caramel-colored paper that I embossed with a viney floral embossing folder.  The sentiment was printed out on the computer, and the inside says "Our thoughts are with your at your time of loss".

I do hope they like it.  Incidentally, my hubby's friend's mother, for whom this card is intended, placed a rather large order for several cards from my Etsy shop recently, so I do hope that she likes this one.  I feel terrible for their family for the loss they have suffered.  No one should ever have to lose a child.

Next time I'll post pics of the custom project I'm working on.  I am happy to be doing this one- it's for a repeat customer, who ordered a personalized bookmark and gift envelope from me in April, and for this one she used the coupon I sent with her order.  Two years of sending coupons, and this is the first one that was actually used- woohoo!

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