Monday, June 25, 2012

Custom Personalized Bookmark

Hey, I just realized that I passed my 100th post milestone a couple of posts ago!  Shows how much I've been paying attention,eh?  Well, happy 100th post to me anyway!

I got a custom personalized bookmark and gift envelope order late last week, and what really made me happy is that it was a customer for whom I had done a similar project a couple of months ago.  I send coupons for a future purchase with every order I send out, and in almost 2 years of sending them, this was the first one that was actually redeemed!  I am always glad to get repeat customers, because that tells me that they truly like my work.  This order was for a bookmark with blue and yellow flowers, and she left the design up to me.  My favorite kind of project!  Here is the bookmark:

I again went for the collage-style on this one, as it has really grown on me, and it really makes each bookmark unique.

For the gift envelope, I have to admit I was a little stumped at first.  I had a pretty pale yellow and white floral patterned paper that I loved- I have used it on several projects, including these cards.  Alas, I only had the one sheet of it, and my supply is now nearly gone.  I had enough to use on the reverse of the bookmark, but not enough for the gift envelope.  I planned to do the envelope itself in blue, but needed something yellow to embellish it.  I also wanted it to coordinate with the bookmark.  I brainstormed and considered a few different ideas: embossing plain yellow paper, finding a stamp and creating my own patterned paper, buy a border punch that could punch out a floral cutout strip, or find some other yellow patterned paper to use.  My preference was to find a paper that could be used on both the reverse side of the bookmark and the envelope.  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be very many patterned papers out there in pale yellow shades!  Michaels had literally nothing- I even checked all of the expensive pads of designer papers.  I did find a border punch that would work if I went that route- however, it was $28- ouch!  Craft Warehouse was also a disappointment.  Finally, I found a paper at JoAnn's in a lovely yellow and blue daisy pattern, and it was only 59 cents, so it was a no-brainer- that's what I went with!

Here's the bookmark reverse side:
and here is the gift envelope:

And, everything all together:
Now that I've done a couple of these personalized collage-style bookmarks, I have decided to add that option to my shop.  I didn't want to replace the old three-flower style, in case someone prefers it, so I added a new listing for this style.  Since I do use about twice the amount of flowers, I did up the price, but it's only $1 more.

I worked on a couple of other cards this weekend, but haven't had time to take pics yet.  It's been awhile since I added anything new to my shop, so I'm working on making some new items to stock the shop with.  Check back soon for those new designs!

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